Wednesday, September 2, 2009

VS.NET 2008 Web Setup Project Interrupted during MSI install in Vista - Solved (for me)

I'm sure many of you have had problems with this based on the number of great blog entries about it:

Here's what I had to do to get everything working:

  • Make sure II6 compatibility is installed

  • Make sure your custom action code is running elevated

  • Make sure you have no folders named 'filters' in your website

The WEBCA_EvaluteURLSNoFail post mentions several of the IIS6 metabase entries...

4)Most commonly you'll see things like "APPPOOLS", "FILTERS", "INFO", and "1" (1 is the default website)

Which got me started thinking, I have a subfolder named filters. Changing nothing else but renaming the filters subfolder made it finish properly. I'm assuming you might have the same problems with folders named apppools, info, or 1 as well.

(cropped log file is below...)

[ApplyWebFolderProperties ]: Token is '/LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/gringlobal/uploads/filters'.
INFO : [09/02/2009 13:25:39:434] [ApplyWebFolderProperties ]: Getting METADATA_HANDLE for the directory '/LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/gringlobal/uploads/filters'.
ERROR : [09/02/2009 13:25:39:464] [ApplyWebFolderProperties ]: FAILED: -2147024893
ERROR : [09/02/2009 13:25:39:524] [ApplyWebFolderProperties ]: FAILED: -2147024893
ERROR : [09/02/2009 13:25:39:534] [ApplyWebFolderProperties ]: Custom Action failed with code: '3'
ERROR : [09/02/2009 13:25:39:534] [ApplyWebFolderProperties ]: Custom Action failed with code: '3'
INFO : [09/02/2009 13:25:39:544] [ApplyWebFolderProperties ]: Custom Action completed with return code: '3'